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Upcoming Exhibitions

2016 > 6 - 25 September, Australian Galleries, Melbourne

2017 > 20 July - 6 August, Beaver Galleries, Canberra

See gallery representation for more details.

Solo Exhibitions

2014 > Heiser Gallery, Brisbane

2014 > Beaver Galleries, Canberra

2013 > Australian Galleries, Sydney

2012 > Australian Galleries, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2013 > Fleurieu Art Prize, South Australia

2013 > Reading the Space: Contemporary Australian Drawing, New York Studio School

2012 > Dobell Drawing Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales


Born in Harrow, England, Graham Fransella studied at the Bradford School of Art, Yorkshire. He came to Australia in 1975.   Graham Fransella lives and works in Melbourne and is represented by galleries across Australia.

Graham Fransella’s work is represented in many public collections including the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Queensland Art Gallery, Parliament House, Print Council of Australia and Artbank.  

Graham Fransella is represented in many private collections in Australia, Europe and the USA, including Saatchi and Saatchi, London.


"Making marks is a fundamental human instinct and, as such, those marks are notes of presence, of our having been, of time and of place. They remain, like Fransella’s images, powerfully and convincingly real, and yet anonymous in having once been, but now past." Edmund Capon, Director, Art Gallery of New South Wales

"Graham Fransella’s etchings are simultaneously direct, simple and confronting, as well as meditative experiences, built up through an endless layering of marks, surfaces and signs. It is this combination of the immediacy, vibrancy and rawness of toilet graffiti, with the distilled sophistication of a beautifully resolved intaglio print, and the inevitable resulting internal tension, which gives his work its distinctive character." Professor Sasha Grishin, Head, Art History, Australian National University

"Fransella’s work demonstrates a richness and depth of technique, the wonderfully subtle emergence and submergence of forms, the Albertian sense of completeness where nothing could be added or subtracted without the rightness and unity of the composition and meaning being fractured. It proclaims both the archetype and the human." Dr. Dugald McLellan, Art Historian, University of Sydney


Graham Fransella, Graham Fransella figures & landscapes: paintings and prints, 1984 – 2002.  Ed. Jenny Zimmer. South Yarra, Vic. Macmillan, c2002.
Graham Fransella, Eau forte, Malvern, Vic. Stonington Stables Museum of Art, Deakin University, 2003.

Television Programs and Digital Media

ABC Arts Online (2011), Art Nation - Graham Fransella

ABC (2009), Artscape: Landscape of the Wynne (DVD)


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